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Mr. Henry McMillan - Principal of Goulding Elementary
Mr. Henry McMillan - First Principal of Goulding Elementary

Our Mission

Mission Statement


The goal of McMillan Pre-K Center is to provide a child-centered environment, which provides the educational, social, emotional, and physical development of each child. 

School History

The school was first constructed in 1961 and began as Goulding Elementary school serving grades K-2. When Weis Elementary finished the construction of its new building in 1991, grades K-2 were moved to Weis, and the 2 pre-k classes at Weis were moved to Goulding. A few years later, the name Goulding Elementary was changed to the Henry McMillan Center in honor of Henry McMillan who once served as principal of Goulding. The McMillan Center now serves as a facility that provides many other services to the surrounding community. McMillan Pre-K Center has 5 VPK classes, 2 Migrant Pre-K classes, and 4 ESE Pre-K classes. 

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